Canon PIXMA Printers

canon pixma printers

Canon PIXMA Printers – want to find out your total cost of ownership watch the video shown below.

E Series - Best For Occasional Printing


The PIXMA E-Series from CANON provides a very simple and easy interface to the users. This is very important for those who are most likely to print less than 20 pages per month because it is designed in such a way that the user’s Total Cost of Ownership that includes maintenance, ink cost along with its page yield is reasonably maintained. The maintenance cost and the ink cost is much lower and considerable than other series from Canon.

G Series - Best For High Volume Prints & Businesses

For those users who own a business or an organisation that requires high volume printing that is greater than 50 pages per month, this is the printer of choice you should consider. You may ask why it’s because the ink that is bundled with the printer during the purchase provides a higher page yield than the E-Series printers. As earlier for less than 20 pages per month E-Series was a feasible choice but for more than 50 pages the Total Cost of Ownership for the G-Series Printers compared to the former is much less. Speaking about the ink the cost is much high but the page yield is up to 7600 B/W pages that’s really high.

TS Series - Best For Creators & High Resolution Printing

The Canon’s TS-Series Printers are one of those high-quality printers designed for the creators who need to produce high-quality print outputs. Be it printing on normal paper, high-quality paper or even fabric you get the best quality prints in all of them. Thanks to its Hybrid Ink system that allows such high-performance outputs from the vicinity of your own desk. Make full use of its built-in wireless functionality and cloud mobile printing applications.

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