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Prolink GM1001 Wired Mouse

For increased accuracy, the PROLiNK® PMC1006 Optical Mouse has a 1000DPI optical sensor. It's sculpted to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, allowing you to control the amount of downward pressure you apply to the mouse when steering.

Prolink PCWM-7005 Wireless Multimedia Desktop Keyboard & Mouse Combo

The PROLiNK® PCWM-7003 Wireless Multimedia Desktop Combo includes a full-size keyboard and a high-performance optical mouse. The keyboard is equipped with a quiet keypad that allows for easy typing without disturbing the surrounding environment.

Prolink PKCS-1008 Wired Keyboard

The PROLiNK® PKCS-1007 is a full-sized wired keyboard that is suitable for daily home or office computing. You can adapt to your desired typing position with the foldable keyboard stands, putting less pressure on your wrist due to prolonged typing, and is designed to make space for your hands and fingers to be positioned comfortably. For accurate and effortless typing, the keyboard is also equipped with high-quality membrane tactile key switches.

Prolink PMO630U Wired Mouse

The PROLiNK® PMO630U is a simple and easy-to-use USB mouse that is ergonomic and stylish. The mouse's contoured edges are built to suit your hand comfortably, and the high-precision 1000dpi advanced optical sensor offers more accuracy than a traditional optical mouse.

Prolink PMW6008 Wireless Mouse

The PROLiNK® PMW6006 Wireless Optical Mouse has an optical sensor that can be adjusted to 800/1200/1600DPI for better accuracy.